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Mon at 20:17
I thought we were going to expand the current world rather than starting over with a new one. Did we just lose all our builds again? :(
Mon at 20:20
Most importantly did Profile___Name just lose her H-39 ww2 ship and her Enterprise? Is there any possibility that those builds could be moved to the new world?
Mon at 20:23
Me I'd be happy if I had a bunch of nether quartz and sea lanterns so I could redo my tower in the new world. I'm a little bummed that the other world wasn't expanded as I had a zombie spawner just outside the world boundry at my base that I was hoping would become available to me.
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McGroove News

New main server is up

Answers posted Jan 22, 17

Hey all,

Just a quick post to let you all know that the main server is now back up on version 1.11.2. It is a brand new world which means you'll have access to new content added in the minecraft update. Ranks are slightly different, more on that to follow.

Happy playing,


Main Server Update

Answers posted Jan 21, 17

Hey friends,

We are currently in the process of updating the main server to the newest Minecraft version, 1.11.2. 

For now, we've got the Asylum server up. It's a temporary server where you can still come and hang out until the main server is updated and settled away.

You can join the Asylum server with the same IP address: play.mcgroove.net

As there was new content added in the 1.11.2 update, we will need a brand new world in order to experience it. Items and buildings will not transfer between worlds, however, we plan on putting the old world up for download in case any of you want to have a copy of it. More information on that will follow. 

Another post will be made when the new main server is back up.

Stay Groovy,


MonsterBlonde Wow this looks amazing good job :d
StippyPlayz Im so hyped xD

Hey everyone,

The host is having apparent issues with the main server.

For now, we've got an Asylum server up. A castle and world to play in while everything is being worked out.

The main IP will take you there until the main server is back up.

Stay Groovy,


UPDATE: Main server should be back online on the regular IP. Happy Grooving.

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